1. General

TriBay services customers in North America and the UK. Payment methods accepted include our secure Stripe portal, cheque, or wire transfer. Subscriptions must be fulfilled through the Stripe portal with a credit card left on file for automated billing. Official support is provided for Enfocus, Caldera, Ultimate, Callas, and Quite products. Billing is handled in either CAD or USD as quoted. The majority of software is bought and sold by TriBay in USD.

2. Delivery

Products are delivered as follows:

  • Enfocus products: One-week delivery
  • Phoenix and Griffin: One-month delivery
  • Enfocus Review: Two-week delivery
  • Caldera Primecenter: One-week delivery
  • Quite products: One-week delivery
  • Ultimate Impostrip: One-week delivery
  • Enfocus Appstore: Immediate fulfillment

Invoices, product keys, and maintenance agreements are sent together via E-Mail.
Subscription delivery is contingent on payment pre-authorization via Stripe. Activate your subscription right away as is will be billed based on the delivery date. Notify us when it has been activated.

3. Cancellation

3a. Subscription Cancellation

Must be made 30 days in advance for Caldera PrimeCenter, and 2 weeks for Enfocus subscriptions. These lead times are built-in to the renewal cycles on our portal.

3b. Maintenance cancellation

Maintenance renewal is contingent upon responding to the renewal quote sent by email and clearing outstanding balances. Lapsed maintenance renders products ineligible for upgrades. Maintenance lapse will not affect your permanent licenses, except for floating licenses which will become volume licenses instead.

4. Trade-ins

Trade-ins are handled on a case-by-case basis.


  • Single licenses may be traded for volume or floating licenses.
  • The SwitchClient Module can be traded for the Web Services Module.

5. Refunds

TriBay does not offer refunds on software or services. Responsibility for product usage and integrations lies with the customer.

6. Professional Services

6a. Services

  • Billing by the hour, with the option for quoted estimates.
  • Statement of work available based on project scope.
  • 3rd party software integration (software not sold by TriBay) is reliant on compatibility via specified methods:
  • Restful API, JSON/XML/SQL interface, Hotfolder (minimum)
  • Emergency/rush projects initiated without prior quotes.

6b. Version Management

Professional service projects version managed on GitHub, accessible with service charge and GitHub account.

7. Support

  • Tech support provided free with maintenance agreements.
  • Limited support for non-supported products as professional services.
  • Support handled via email, with emergency calls accepted.
  • Enfocus activation inquiries directed to activation@enfocus.com.
  • Permanent and maintenance keys stored in a secure database, retrievable upon customer request.

8. Training

  • Bookable via the website, billed as professional services.
  • Customized sessions based on client goals.
  • Requires advanced file submission and project description.
  • Aimed at project-specific tasks or workflows.

9. Maintenance

  • Enfocus Maintenance includes software upgrades, access to Enfocus Appstore, E-learn platform, and technical support from TriBay & Enfocus.
  • Maintenance for Callas and Ultimate products includes upgrades and support.
  • No contract for Quite products: supported with paid upgrades upon release.

For inquiries regarding premium maintenance plans or further information, please contact TriBay.