Good2Go Workflow for Print Production

Andrea Mahoney, Workflow Automator at TriBay, and Paul Kortman, Founder at Connex Digital, join Deborah Corn to explore the world of no-code automation and integration. They highlight the advantages that small and medium-sized print businesses can gain by using cloud-based workflow tools and capabilities through APIs. Furthermore, they showcase how Good2Go offers print shops immediate benefits to their customers and the workplace.

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TriBay has worked with printers of all sizes to streamline production across any market since 2005. We reduce touch-points, turnaround times, and connect printers with their vendors and customers using a curated software selection.

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Training & Technical Support

We will help install and troubleshoot your software, and train you to use it at a beginner or advanced level.

Software Sales

We are resellers of Enfocus, Caldera, Ultimate TechnoGraphics, Quite, and Callas products.

Workflow Creation

We create custom workflows tailored to your equipment, staff, and routines. Your workflow is automated your way.

Software Solutions

Enfocus Switch icon

Automating with Enfocus Switch

Switch is a powerful workflow automation platform designed to streamline production. Switch opens up limitless possibilities for your business with custom NodeJS scripting support and an app store. Switch is modular and scalable, making it cost-effective for small and large businesses.

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Proofing with Enfocus Review

Enfocus Review is an online PDF proofing solution designed to streamline customer review cycles. It centralizes all aspects of proofing and feedback, and integrates seamlessly with Enfocus Switch. Review guarantees accurate PDF viewing, ensuring that all content is shown precisely as it will appear in print. It offers a personalized experience with customizable branding, and its interface and tools can be tailored to fit the expertise and expectations of each reviewer. Review offers different approval options, easy user management, and uses the cloud to mitigate hosting costs.

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