Flexible, cloud-based online proofing.

Discover the next generation of online proofing. Simplify your customer review cycles with easy setup, seamless integration, and precise PDF viewing. Customize your branding, streamline approval processes, and manage reviews effortlessly.

Enfocus Review user interface, showing of the approval options, page boxes, etc.

Centralized Proofing

Enfocus Review centralizes all proofing and feedback processes and provides a comprehensive overview of all pending reviews, tracking every file and decision.

Accurate PDF Viewing

Ensures 100% accurate PDF viewing, eliminating issues with viewer settings, overprint, and color spaces. What you see is how it will appear in print.

Integrates with Enfocus Switch

Enfocus Review offers multiple approval decisions, automatically routing PDFs to different Enfocus Switch workflows based on the decision. Depending on your setup, approved files can be sent to production, while rejected files can be directed to other workflows for further action.

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