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Open & scalable workflow automation for any budget.

Switch is a modular automation software solution that integrates with your existing systems, drives your third party applications to reduce errors, generate reports, and automate production tasks.

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Take Control of Your Files

Switch allows you to direct and store files based on any custom or embedded metadata. You can set naming conventions, folder structures, group or ungroup files, and much more.

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Leverage Existing Applications

With the configurator module, Switch can outsource automation tasks to key workflow software on your server, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Enfocus’s PitStop Server, and many different RIPs.

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Integrate with Your Database

The database module allows you to query your SQL database as a metadata source,
to create spreadsheets to use for variable data printing, order management, or other creative applications.

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Create Custom Dashboards

Switch’s reporting module generates custom charts and graphs based on your real-time production.

Streamline Proofing and Approvals

Proofing has never been easier with Enfocus Review, an automated service that sends proofs for you over the web.

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