Connect ALL is a Sales Tool!

Connect ALL is a Sales Tool!

Using Enfocus Connect ALL as a Sales Tool

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Enfocus Connect ALL is a tool for Printers to connect customers directly to a print production workflow. This tool creates Mac and Windows applications specific to workflow or customer.

Before you say: They won’t download it, they won’t want to install it, how do we get them to use it. Think again. With a little planning and strategy Connect All can be used as a Sales Tool to improve the customer experience and productivity. Receiving better files in Print Production is a nice added bonus.

Remember, Connect All apps can be customized using your own background, text, instructions and web links. It is easy to create an app and your FTP site maintains any updates after the initial setup and installation.

How does your customer benefit from the Connect ALL App?

First of all, if your customer has files in programs that are not professional publishing applications the Virtual Printer, available at the touch of Ctrl P, will create a properly formatted PDF file using your pre-defined PDF creation settings. This printer uses your logo and branding helping customers remember who’s providing the service. It also triggers the launch of the application to preflight and send the file to your workflow.

Job tickets can be set up so that most of the data is already filled in for the customer. Create customer specific apps to set up default information and make it easier to choose products in drop down menus.

PDF’s submitted to Connect automatically run through its internal Pitstop engine with your preflight settings, checks and fixes. Optionally, you can allow signoff on low-res items, let the customer save a copy of the PDF locally, and you make it easy for the customer to send a proper file to your print production. When the preflight is done the job is sent automatically to your workflow. The customer is relieved of the responsibility to select the right PDF settings, no more FTP clients, no more zipping, no more emails, and overall, less work for the customer to send you a job.

Indesign and Illustrator users can also access a plug-in equivalent of the app that allows a PDF export directly to your workflow as well with all of your settings.

Your sales people and CSRs know your customers and you should use their knowledge to create the best possible app for your customers.

Strategy 1- Onsite install and training by Sales representative

First, create an app that is specific to your customer’s needs and skill level. Next, place it on a stick/flash drive and give it to your sales person. Teach the sales person how to install on Mac and PC and give them information they will need to know. For example, make sure the customer knows their administrator password which is required for some installations. There is a simple learning curve to the application and your sales people are bringing the customer something that will make their life easier.

Strategy 2 – Webinar install and training by Sales representative or CSR

Same as Strategy 1 however we are not onsite but logged into a Webinar. Have the link handy to download the specific app and talk the customer through the install. The rep will know what to expect after having tested the app out already when they were trained to set it up.

Strategy 3 – Email Notification to download and Customer Installation

You can create a webpage with install instructions and helpful hints for your customer. The customization of the app allows you to add support phone numbers and links to your help page. You are creating the app for your customer to have a direct connection with your workflow and with you. Take advantage of the opportunity to help your customer be more productive and spend less time with PDF settings, File compression, FTP software and Emails. Customize Job Tickets for easy product ordering with drop down lists and create the job ticket template in the app so that repeat information can be saved.

Connect ALL is a tool with many parts that you control and manage. You are creating custom applications for your customer and making them available to save them time, release them of decisions on how to create PDFs for print and making delivery to your workflow very easy. Instead of thinking that getting your customers to download an app from your website is too difficult to implement, think of it as a Sales opportunity to bring something to your customer that will make their life easier.

To your customer, this is a customized product just for them to reduce the extra work they normally do to send work to you. That extra work they do now is: choosing the right PDF settings, compressing their files, typing information into an email about the job, sending the files to you then checking that you got them. Connect ALL creates the app to do all this work in one step with the addition of a Preflight step that would have normally been done in your production department.

Connect ALL is a unique Sales Tool for your reps to engage your customers. Request a demo of Enfocus Connect ALL to see how easy it is to create a custom app for your customer.