Pitstop Server 12

Pitstop Server 12

coverillustratie_lowresPitstop 12 Pro and Pitstop Server have been released with many new features. For those who have been struggling with customer supplied images in PDFs there are tools that you will recognize and find easy to use. For those struggling with missing or unembeded font there is good news for you too.

Image editing is big news in the latest version of Pitstop Pro. The Pitstop Inspector can perform many new tasks upon selecting any images in a PDF. You can use the Color curve adjustment or apply Brightness and Contrast to an image. Sharpening via Unsharp Masking is also available. Select an existing gradient in a PDF and you now can edit the gradient. All tools will look very familiar to any user of desktop publishing software.

Pitstop Actions have been updated and added. The latest is a Color Mapping action that allows you to directly map colors without color management and ICC profiles. The conversion is a straight map from one colorspace to the next. You will find color mapping in the Fill/Stroke tab and also the Image Editing tab.

Another long awaited action is the Cleanup Black Global Change. It will now work with RGB black images. Previously, RGB would need to be converted to 4 color first before cleaning up Black.

A new approach to missing fonts has been taken in Pitstop 12. The Monotype Baseline platform integration into Pitstop gives you the ability to download and embed fonts from the cloud if they are missing in a PDF. When working in Pitstop Pro you can choose to purchase missing fonts from the Pitstop menu. When configured to do so, PitStop Server can connect with the Monotype Baseline platform to find out if any required missing fonts are available online, and if so it can automatically download those fonts and embed a subset of them into the PDF so it can be printed successfully.
The user is charged a nominal fee per embedded font, on a per document basis.

First you need to set up a user in the Monotype Baseline platform. You will receive a token to use within Pitstop. The way this works: Monotype Baseline is only licensing the subset inside the PDF. The service is not selling the font and installing it on your system for later use so you do not own the font.

Within PitStop Server, the local font folders are always checked first. If a missing font is not found locally then PitStop Server will check the Monotype Baseline platform to see if the fonts are available there. In PitStop Server missing font purchases happen automatically, but the option has to be enabled. In Switch a flow can have the token entered into the Pitstop element to allow the download. In Pitstop Server, specific hot folders can be set up with the token.

It’s important to note that when missing fonts are embedded as part of a fix within a Preflight Profile, fonts are only purchased if the PDF file passes the associated preflight checks. Fonts will not be purchased if the resulting PDF file has other preflight errors that mean the PDF cannot be used.

Pitstop 12 Server has also incorporated the Adobe flattening engine as part of this new version. The latest offering has much more to offer and you can find more information at www.enfocus.com.

No longer do you need to open a PDF in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to make special adjustments to gradients or images. Pitstop Pro is the tool to handle it all. There is a lot of buzz about the font embedding service already. The tightly controlled setup of downloading fonts at the hotfolder level or at the Switch flow level will make it much easier to implement.