Chili Publisher

Chili Publisher

Chili Publisher 3.0 – The Hottest Online Document Editor

Chili Publisher has evolved since it’s release 2 years ago. The most important feature is its ability to integrate into your existing website. You decide how you want to offer the hottest online document editor to your end-users. You can integrate the editor in a matter of hours/days and the approach to it is point & click for customization. If you have not seen a demonstration of Chili Publisher make sure you do not miss it. Go to and check out the webinar dates and times. Why do you need to see it? You need to see it because it has something for your business and for every corner of the graphic arts industry.

Chili Publisher integrates into your website providing your customers with a professional online editing tool for their documents. You can control the tools, the templates and the design of your website. You decide the level of complexity at the customer level and you provide them with a WYSIWYG editor. The environment contains all the tools to setup everything for multiple users and websites.

Chili Publisher is special in that there are no wait times or posts to update/refresh the file in the browser. A change is made and it is done. You have total control over the Chili environment for your customers without programming. This professional document editor can create high res PDF files using your professional PDF settings in the browser set up for your equipment. Along with that here are some other features available for you and your customers online:

• QR Codes that update on the fly and can be created as variable data (Barcodes too)

• Output to Mobile Devices and the newest HTML 5 versions are compatible

• All major OS are supported and mobile devices have access to Chili mobile feeds (browsers too)

• Create documents from scratch or bring in Indesign documents via the Chili Plugin

• Animate 3D folding to proof panels, packages and items with folds and diecuts

• Templates that fold can be proofed easily by the customer to see how the art lines up after folding

• Import text for variable data or enter data directly (QR codes on the fly)

• Table creation and editing with cell control and table imports from Indesign with styles preserved

• Image transformations plus colours conversions can be controlled at the template level for consistency

• Alternate Layouts allowing a single set of design elements

• Paragraph, Character Styles, Baseline Grid, Text inside Shapes

• Metadata, product information, link to data sources and assets

• Built in preflight to your specifications

The licensing model for this product is not like others in the same market. There are no usage fees, no limitation on environments or output. It runs on your Windows Server and you don’t require any custom development by Chili Publish. You have total control over your own templates, users, brands, fonts, assets, database and website.

So far Chili has accomplished both web2print and print2web. Find out how you can integrate Chili Publisher into your website. You can get more information at or visit Graph Expo – booth 971 in Chicago, October 7 -10.